Warranty & Support

Here you get help with your most common questions concerning RAWBIKE. For general questions regarding maintenance, maintenance and assembly, we refer to our FAQ and our Youtube channel where we have a handful of videos that guide you regarding assembly and the most common adjustments on your RAWBIKE. See the description below regarding what we need from you to be able to help.
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Step 1.

All warranty issues must go through RAWBIKE. If you contact a workshop directly, RAWBIKE will not approve the case as a warranty case as we must make our assessment regarding the damage and whether it is a guarantee job or not. We need this from you:

Step 2.

Give us your name, phone number and frame number and serial number on battery, display or control box.

Step 3.

Describe the error as carefully as you can. Attach pictures and videos to the damage and series or frame numbers on the damaged part.


Here you will find manuals for both RAWBIKE and U1.