Anti puncture tires

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Original deck for RAWBIKE reinforced with a layer of kevlar tape between hose and tire making them more difficult to puncture.

  • Dimension: 98-406 (20×4.0)
  • Tire pressure: 0.4-2.1 Bar
  • Allround tire
  • Brand: Kenda
  • Color: Black with white text
  • Fits RAWBIKE
  • Oak protection is included
  • Kevlar bearing, for reduced puncture risk

Use a coarser tire breaker for easier handling.

Unscrew the rim from the frame. To replace the rear tire, the engine must be disconnected. You do this by disconnecting the plug that sits about 20cm into the cable.

Start by removing all the air from the tire by taking something pointed and pressing the “spike” in the valve. Then remove the old tire using a tire breaker, be careful you can easily damage the hose. Then put on the oak cover, the red strap that comes with the tire. Then start pulling one side of the tire by hand. Then install the tube with a little air in to reduce the risk of squeezing the tube. Then use the tire breaker to get on the other side of the tire.

Note: Tools are not included.

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