Michelin inner tube

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A quality tube from Michelin that is ideal for changing over while changing to dubbed tires

  • Dimension: 3.25-3.50 x 16”
  • Brand: Michelin
  • Fits RAWBIKE

Use a coarser tire breaker for easier handling.

Unscrew the rim from the frame.

To replace the rear tire, the engine must be disconnected. You do this by unplugging the plug that sits about 20cm into the cable. Start by removing all the air from the tire by releasing the air from the valve. Use the tire breaker and remove one side of the tire from the rim, then unplug the existing one. Put some air in the new tube and place it in the tire.

Then take the tire breakers again and push the tire back into place, now pump up to a comfortable tire pressure.

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