Here you will find the answers to our most common questions.

  • How long does it take to fully charge the battery?
    6-7 hours using regular 220V power outlets.
  • Is the battery easily removed to allow charging indoor?
    This is super simple. You simply loosen and turn the seat and then pull the battery in the built-in handle. This takes no more than 3 seconds.
  • What warranty do I have?
    2 years on bike frame and motor, 1 year on all other components.
  • How long does the battery last?
    The battery is designed to endure some 800-1 000 charging cycles. When the battery loses capacity, you simply order a new battery from the shop.
  • How much is a new battery?
    About 480 Euros (today’s prices) for a 15.6 Ah battery. This is a high capacity battery, not to compare with weaker batteries.
  • Is the battery affected by cold temperatures?
    Yes, to some extent. All types of batteries show reduction in capacity when subjected to cold temperatures.
  • Are spare parts easy to source?
    Yes. The battery is standard and is used for similar electric bike models. Gears and brakes are Shimano and the motor supplier Dapu is well established. The tyres are also easily ordered from several different suppliers where Kenda is the largest. We will hold the most common spare parts as inventory, so you can always turn to us.
  • Is RAWBIKE a Swedish company?
    The company was founded 2016 and the head office is located outside Stockholm.
  • What does Rawbike weight?
    Rawbike 2 weights around 32kg and our U1 weights 25kg.
  • What is the dimensions of Rawbike and U1 folded?
    H75cm,L109cm, W53cm.
    Unfolded RAWBIKE 170cm long.

    U1 500W
    H70cm,L81, W45cm.
    Unfolded U1 157cm long.
  • Maximum & minimum height of seat post
    Minimum is 84cm.
    Maximum is 103cm.

    U1 500W
    Minimum is 83cm.
    Maximum is 108cm.
  • Start your Rawbike
    You can power on your Rawbike by turning the key to “ON” and then press the power bottom placed och the steering.
  • PAS 1-5
    PAS 1-5 are different modes that the engine provides when using the pedals. Mode 5 provides up to 25km / h of assistance, then you step down using the + & – buttons.
    You will not notice such a difference in purely power terms in these situations. We recommend having it on ECO as it becomes slightly more energy efficient towards the battery and it can help the battery life some.
  • Change theme
    You can easily switch between black and white backround on the display by holding down the + botton in 3 seconds.
  • Charge from usb on steering
    You activate the usb on the steering by holding down SET & + at the same time for 3 seconds.
  • Reset tripmeters
    To reset the trip meter, press and hold the set button until the menu opens, then highlight “trip clear” with a push of the set and set it to “Y”. After that, you save and close at the bottom of the menu.
  • Turn the lights on
    When your RAWBIKE is switched on, press the “power button” again and the lights will light up. Same process for turning them off.
  • How do I charge the battery?
    To charge the battery, insert the plug into the battery first and then into the wall socket.
    Charging should take place at room temperature and should be recharged every 30 days if not used.
  • What dose “engine diactivated” means?
    This is an indication that the support is folded down and that the engine is then switched off. When the support is folded up, the message disappears and you can run your RB.
  • Do I need a traffic insurance?

    Yes you need to insure your Rawbike & U1 500W

    There is a requirement for a traffic insurance in Sweden but what we recommend is half insurance as this also covers theft.
    The cost is between 60-100 SEK a month depending on age and what part of the country you live in.
  • Is the Rawbike included in the home insurance?
    Yes you need to insure your Rawbike & U1 500W

    No, it is not included in the home insurance unless otherwise stated.

    We recommend obtaining a semi-insurance as it covers for any theft.
  • What information do my insurance company need?
    This is the information your insurance company needs.

    – Moped class 2
    – Maximum speed 25km / h
    – One-speed / automatic
    – Motor power, 500W or 750W
    – Coc approved
  • Is RAWBIKE waterproof?
    Yes your rawbike is waterproof to a certain limit. it is good to rinse with garden hose but NOT high pressure sprayer.
    Be careful not to flush water into the control box located under the battery.
  • How often do I need a maintenance service?
    We recommend a yearly maintenance service to extend the life of your Rawbike.
  • Lubricating
    We recommend lubricating sensitive parts such as screws, crankshaft and unpainted surfaces.
    They are basically rust protected but the salt is a big hump and can create unpleasant rust if not maintained.
    Lubricate with the “muc off Bio grease” found in our shop.
  • What maintenance do I need?
    The important parts are brakes and gears. If you find that components wear out over time, we recommend replacing them if they make your Rawbike less safe to drive.
  • How do I remove the rear wheel?
    To remove the rear wheel, loosen the wheel bolts and disconnect the motor connector located behind the bracket to the support.
  • Can I buy Rawbike as a company?
    Yes, it is doing just fine. You can choose company purchases in our shop or contact us at support@rawbike.se.
  • How fast can the RAWBIKE go?
    The electric motor is limited to give support up to 25 km/h. You are however allowed to go faster (unassisted) as long as you do not exceed the speed limits.
  • Can you ride RAWBIKE when the battery is discharged?
    Of course, just like a regular bike.
  • Can you deliver RAWBIKE all across Europa
  • Is insurance required?
    YES, check out what applies in your particular country. We have put together a small simple guide that you can find on the page RAWBIKE Global
  • What type of helmet is required?
    You are legally responsible for wearing a motorbike helmet or a bike helemt, depending on rules and regulations in your country.
  • What is the maximum load allowed?
    The maximum load is rated at 120 kg.
  • Is it free shipping?
    Yes, in most cases, to certain islands in Europe and to countries outside the EU there is a shipping cost.
  • Is RAWBIKE difficult to mount?
    No. All you have to do is put the saddle in place and attach the handlebar and fill the tires with some air.
  • What tools do I need?
    It comes with a multi-tool in the carton that allows you in the long run when it comes to keeping track of your RAWBIKE.
  • Is there a manual?
    Yes it comes with a manual in Swedish and English with pictures showing you the basics of how to assemble and handle your RAWBIKE.