Covid 19

The spread of the coronavirus in the world and the effects it has on our societies is one of the most dramatic that has happened in a long time. Already we are seeing a major impact on parts of the Swedish business community. For us at RAWBIKE, we see the following effects in the short and long term that it is good for new and existing owners to know:

What we do now:

  • We have limited our staffing in our showroom. This means that we would like to see an organized time reservation with us and you do this most easily at
  • We have paused the service “mounted and ready.” This means that all future RAWBIKE’s sold will be sent to you with Bring on Increase Delivery Time.
  • We have added the option to book a digital demonstration with us if you are interested in buying a RAWBIKE. Use this link to us and we will show via a video meeting how RAWBIKE works.

Upcoming deliveries

We still see a high demand for our products where during March and April we have all models for direct delivery. The effect of the Corona virus will be felt on upcoming deliveries, which will be less in number than expected and arrive later. As the situation now looks, we will have a limited stock from May to September where there are very likely to be periods when we will not have products in stock and can only take pre-orders on future deliveries. You who are interested in a RAWBIKE will see the current stock status on each model and color on our website. Our clear advice is: If you want to run a RAWBIKE this summer, place your order in March or April of the month.Also the availability of spare parts is affected. In some cases, it may take longer to get a spare part home and may even cost a little more in individual cases. We hope for understanding and we will work even harder to maintain the high level of service we have had to date so that so many people can enjoy owning anddriving a RAWBIKE.

/ Friends at RAWBIKE