Testdrive RAWBIKE

It’s closer than you think.

RAWBIKE Test Centers

You can visit one of our RAWBIKE Test Centers in Europe. If you cannot get to one of our test centers, write to us where you want to test drive and we will guide you to the nearest ambassador. See our ambassador map below.

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Test drive RAWBIKE here

RAWBIKE Show room Sweden

Båtbyggargatan 25, 12070 Stockholm

Bon Meqanique Sweden

Vartoftagatan 45, 118030 Stockholm

Nords sport och Motor Sweden

Beckombergavägen 188, 16856 Bromma

Taranis Cycles Belgium

Gentbruggestraat 119


Estrada Nacional 247 Km 49,4

E-Room Puerto Banus Marbella

Plaza Marina Banus, Puerto Banus