We at RAWBIKE have chosen to combine the elasticity of the e-bike with the strength of the moped. An electric moped from us takes you about 50 kilometers only on electric power and if you choose to help out you get almost 20 km more as a reward. Both of our models are foldable which makes it the perfect solution for those who have mobility and function requirements.

Six reasons to buy a RAWBIKE

Take it with you everywhere

RAWBIKE is foldable. This means it’s portable. It only takes a few seconds to fold it together

Type approved

RAWBIKE comes with a Certificate of Conformity (CoC). This makes it type approved as an electrical moped in the European Union. Please look into your rules and regulations regarding L1e-A mopeds.

Powered up

Cycle it like a bike or let the electric motor assist you. If you just want to cruise, let the electric motor do the job. RAWBIKE gives you 50 Swedish kilometers on a single charge and if you assist it i gives you 10 more.

Planet friendly

You can drive RAWBIKE a whole year with less CO2 impact than a smaller family car of the latest model causes in a day. If that isn’t smart, what is?

Get fit

Studies show that you get a longer life if you do low-intensity exercise, 2-3 hours week.

Cheap to ride

1kWh costs about 10 cents. The effect of the charger is 110W. One charge use 0,55 kWh wich means about 10 cents per swedish mile.

Become a RAWBIKE ambassador

In order to offer the experience of driving and owning a RAWBIKE throughout Europe, we need your help to put RAWBIKE on the map. So if you are a proud RAWBIKE owner, this is for you.

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